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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Writing And What It Has Done To Me.

I have realized I don't have much to rant about. And I don't have anything to rant about what am I supposed to post on my blog?
Maybe my post about me being creative was all a lie. So I have resorted to Googling things to post about. And Google isn't helping very much so I will come up with my own, I have got this. Pictures always give me good things to rant about, and this one picture seems to be the perfect match to something that I may rant about!
 Does any other writer find this picture to be totally true? I mean like... my brain is always like "kdfjkafldsahfdslfj;d" When ever I am writing, the devil inside of me tell me to just write whatever because I can just go back and fix it. But no Devil within! I will not fall to your temptations. I am a perfectionist when it comes to writing and I just can't throw crap on paper, it just doesn't work for me like that!
Food is my life and I wouldn't be able to get anything done without it. I swear I am always eating it and I should weigh like 300 pounds from all the food I eat but I haven't gotten that heavy yet. I am always eating, in class, when I am bored, when I am writing, when I am watching a movie... all. The. Time.
Hmm not sure if I have ever thrown something but I am sure the time will come when I throw something because I cannot figure out what to write. I do get frustrated when my writing blocks decide to skip into my life and turn it into a living Hell. But I believe that one day I will throw something, and I am excited for that day to come. (Hopefully it's not my laptop because I am tempted all the time to throw it.)
Comparing my work to others... hmm I do that all the time but sometimes I feel cocky if someone elses work as I categorize is "lower then mine." Does that make me cocky? Or am I just supposed to tell them their work is terrible and be brutally honest. But then I start thinking about good critiquing that can actually help them. I have had my share of people read my work and say, "You suck. Give up on everything and maybe die in a hole while your're at it." How on Earth is that going to help me. ._. Now I would like you better if you said, "You suck. Give up on everything and maybe die in a hole while you're at it. BUT, if you aren't going to give up that easily you can fix your description, and make your dialogue more interesting...etc." I hate when my readers tell me how much everything sucked that I wrote then they don't even tell me how to make it better, so now I just think, "If they don't know how to tell me how to make it better they must not know what they are talking about." So I have learned to ignore that. But anyways, I don't like comparing myself to anyone elses work because we are all at different levels and we all have our own unique way of
writing. c:
Crying O_O Um I don't cry much as I write but when I am writing a horror novel I tend to scare myself as I am writing. Then I have nightmares about my own horror novels. Yeah, you have to have at least one mental illness to have that happen to you. Surprisingly when I wrote the first book to The COE (Children of Eliza) Trilogy I wasn't really, like, how do I say this? I didn't care much about my characters and it was easy to kill them off. But now that I am writing the second book I am just like DDD: I don't want to leave them! I only have two books left! I really love Ruby and all the other characters in there and I just don't want to leave them. Ruby has definitely become a part of me. I think it's safe to say I love her, I care about her like a close friend. I wish characters from books could come alive so I could meet them. I want to meet Ruby. Like, really bad. I am pretty sure I will cry when I finish The COE trilogy. I will bawl like a little baby. I am not good with good byes.
I spend way too much time internet surfing when I am supposed to be writing. I switch from Facebook to Wattpad to checking my email to asking random questions on Yahoo! Answers and sometimes even my blog is super distracting. Last week our internet was down for a day and I got so much writing done I was so proud of myself and if I had money I would have bought myself something nice for getting so much done. But since I am a poor and jobless teenager I just ate more food. Although it was nice being able to get all that writing done I practically cried when the internet still wasn't working by the end of the day. I need my internet. So it's only allowed to go down once a month... or less then that. c:
When I actually write I feel so accomplished. I need to do it more and be more oraganized with my time especially if I want to finish The COE book two and No Regrets this year... AND start other books. I have like five ideas I have been wanting to write about but I promised myself I would finish these two books. I am only allowed to write two books at a time. No Regrets is closer to being done then The COE is so when I am done with No Regrets I can just start another one. I need better plans and time management. ._.
Well this ranting session was successful. Hopefully it wasn't too boring. Please still follow me, I will pay you. Just kidding I am a poor jobless teenager :D Well bye! I hope your day is great and hopefully I made you smile at least once while reading this. :)

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