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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Scary Movie Logic.

       So you would think that if you were always deathly afraid of being alone or in the dark after watching scary movies that you would stop watching them due to lack of sleep. Most normal people would. But noooo I never learn my lesson when it comes to scary movies. I watch them thinking I will be just fine then for the next two weeks I can't be in the dark, or by myself or in the shower with out music as a distraction... and I can't close my eyes when I am alone. That makes it easier for me to get killed.
I have seen my fair share of scary movies...(Really scary movies, dumb scary movies...etc.) Some of the movies I have seen are: The Grudge 1, 2 & 3; The Collector, Halloween (Which still scare me even if they are old); Paranormal Activity, Don't Look Up (Stupidest movie ever); The Hills Have Eyes; House of Wax; The Crazies; The Lovely Bones (Which wasn't that bad); Chain Letter; Legion... and on the list goes on. I just can't keep myself from watching them. I pee myself every night with any sound I hear. I can't move and I have to be tucked into my blankets at all times.
The reason I post about this today is because I am going to see Mama at five on this very day. I watched the trailer and I was like, "Hmm. Maybe I shouldn't." Then I was like, "Ha! I am totz going to watch that today." And I am having a war between the side of me that hates scary movies and the side of me that loves scary movies. But no matter what I decide I am going to see it anyways. I have a picture to cuddle with.
    Yesterday my friend Jasmen asked me if I wanted to see Mama today with her, Kortnee, Josh, and Kenna. I said okay and was excited then Kenna said she can't go because she is going to Salt Lake City. DDD: So I have decided to bring a picture of her and tape it to the seat. The picture is perfect because her face looks confused and scared.
<---- Le picture. It is so perfect. I should bring a pillow too and tape the face on the pillow and hug it when I get scared. But anyways. Since Kenna can't be there with me I have her lovely picture to get all cuddley with!
Everything is just working out perfectly.
But yeah. So wish me luck tonight as I embark on this journey of seeing a scary movie. I doubt I will be able to sleep tonight. :)

Have a good day!!!!

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