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Friday, January 25, 2013

Why I Hate Being a Girl.

      So this hate of being a girl is not constant. It's only when I am on my period or having cramps or being bagged on by a guy for being a girl that "can't do anything." (Yeah that still happens in this day and age.) I may even hate being a girl when I don't know how to do my hair or I can't find something to wear.
I think one of my biggest break downs was in ninth grade. I woke up that morning feeling just fine, then people started talking to me, and I didn't know what to wear, and my ride was coming soon and I just had a major freak out and I was crying and complaining and my mom decided to let me stay home because I didn't want anyone to see my cry just because they talked to me. So I was fine the whole day until my dad came home during lunch and started talking to me and he said that I needed to stop being that way and that is when I freaked out.
I hate it when guys act like they understand what girls go through when they really don't. When in history were guys ever discriminated except for if they were black? Never. Guys have always been looked up to with respect. Honestly, I think girls do way more then a guy could ever do.
Girls can feed a baby a bottle while cleaning at the same time... and a guy? They can barley feed a baby a bottle while watching TV. I sound like a crazy mom who has finally had it with her husband but I am not married, I am only 16 and far from being married. But I know this stuff from experience. And I know that guys are disrespectful of girls at least once a day, or maybe this is just the perspective of a teenage girl who spends most of her time in a High School full of desperate boys... and a couple of desperate girls.
But don't worry, there are still plenty of reasons why I love being a girl. One of them is because in a relationship girls are the one to be protected by their partner. Physically protected, every girl needs someone to hug them and tell them everything will be fine. Even if you are a fifteen year old hoe, they have their break downs too.

   Something that I just have to say is that sometimes schools come up with the stupidest things ever. For example, Gender Wars. My school did that last year when I was a sophomore and that resulted in Gender Wars being banned from the school. Since this is the most interesting story in the world I just have to tell you it.
So it all started with a text. A text that was being forwarded around to all the girls in the school that read, "Bring sparkles to Gender Wars tomorrow. After the school dance everyone run onto the gym floor and throw up the sparkles." But since I got the text at 10:00 that night I wasn't going to bother bringing sparkles.
But it didn't matter if I did anyways because the next day at Gender Wars some of the girls from the student council were handing out little jars of sparkles. I must add that this text, the girls little surprise was not something the teachers knew about.
So during Gender Wars we had some competition between the girls and the boys and we had to play a few games against each other and all of the points were being added up to see who was the ultimate gender. Well during this the boys were chanting, "Make me a sandwich." And that really got the girls mad. They even bought spatulas and started throwing them at us! (Boys were on one side of the gym and the girls were on the other.) The teachers didn't even do anything, not even when they started chanting, "Go back to the kitchen."
So then finally the dances came. A few boys had gotten a dance together and a few girls had gotten a dance together. The boys performed first and we were very nice to them when they did perform, we clapped and everything. Then the girls went up to perform and then all of a sudden every single boy had a newspaper. Every single boy on the "boys bleachers" were hiding behind a newspaper chanting something like, "This is going to be boring." I don't remember what exactly they chanted but that is about what they were saying. So the girls did their dance anyways and some boys poked holes through their newspapers so they could watch and some pretended like they didn't want to and others completely put the newspaper down to watch.
When the girls dance was over every single girl on the bleachers all ran down and danced in the middle of the gym and we all threw up the sparkles. (Which the boys later on said looked very cool.) I had sparkles in my hair for weeks after that. And sparkles were all over the school. You some how managed to get sparkles on you no matter what you were doing. Well the teachers got mad at our stunt but they didn't care about the guys newspaper stunt (Which the teachers also did not know about.)
But then a girl from the student council swept up all the sparkles and when we got back to class the teachers told everyone how disappointed they were... I even think they had an assembly about it the next day. But Gender Wars was officially banned. I forgot to mention that at the end of this many of the girls got tampons from their bags, took them out of the plastic thing and threw them at boys because of their wonderful spatula stunt. Lets just say the girls were not going to put up with their crap.
And I must add that after Gender Wars was lunch time and I was with my really good friend, Marcos. We were eating lunch and he started throwing fries at me then told me to clean it up because I am a woman and it is my job. I stormed away and didn't talk to him for a week. He is better this year, he even opens doors for me and doesn't treat me like that anymore. I have to say that he has grown up.

Some things I do hate about being a girl:
-Periods/period cramps
-Mood swings
-Picking out outfits
-Having a hard time running because of your boobs
-Shaving all the time
-Having pedophiles hit on you
-Pressure from the media
-Being disrespected by guys
-Being called a hoe for no apparent reason
-And finally, Having to look perfect all the time because apparently it is expected of girls to look perfect all the time or you will not be accepted into society.

So there was one of my beautiful rants. Hope you enjoyed and maybe even you feel the same way sometimes. c: Have a nice day!!

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