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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Beautiful Creatures Movie

Me? Excited about the Beautiful Creatures movie... ONLY A LOT!! I kind of started freaking out when I saw the trailer. It's such an exciting feeling when a book you have read is made into a movie and you are like, "Yeah, I am so cool that I read it even before I knew it was going to be a movie." But seriously... MAJOR FREAK OUT. My insides are exploding.
I wanted to try and win tickets to the premier in L.A. but I am sad because it says its closed! Seemed like so many people went for it! So I entered to see Warm Bodies instead :( Even though I reallllyyy want to see that one! I mean... who doesn't want to watch a movie about a zombie who falls in love with a human? Its like Vampire --> Human with a twist!
But back to this movie/book... So amazing. Even though when I hear their accents I just can't take them seriously but it still makes me super excited and I think I might pee myself. You should read this book before it comes out as a movie!! If you want to read about what the book is about I would strongly suggest reading this summary... it's detailed but, and also I don't know if it gives away anything so if you don't want spoilers I am not sure I can assure this with this website.
amazing book.. can't wait until the movie is out, hopefully the movie doesn't mess the book up that much!


  1. Ahh, it looks so good! I'm dying to read the book now! And when I saw it also had Emmy Rossum in it- *dead* She's awesome. So yeah I plan on seeing the movie, (reading the book first of course)

  2. I am so excited C: I think I had a heart attack when I saw the trailer. My heart was beating so fast! But yes... you should read it. I am reading the 3rd book right now and loving it! C:

  3. Crap, there's more than just Beautiful Creatures? I read it in 8th grade and had no clue it would be a series.

  4. never heard of it!! hmmm...very interesting :D

  5. Yes there is more then Beautiful Creatures. Its Beautiful Creatures, Beautiful Darkness, Beautiful Chaos and Beautiful Redemption c: