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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Update!! C:

     Yesterday I went to a surgeon and as soon as he felt my lovely lump he told me immediately that it's a sebaceous cyst. It's not dangerous and it's not cancerous either! I was so happy when he told us that! He said it's probably caused from shaving and that it will never go away... so August 13th I am having surgery to get it removed. Which scares me because it is an in-office surgery and I will be awake the whole time. They are just going to numb the area, cut me open, then removed it D: It scares me. But at least it will be gone! And when it is removed they are sending it to the lab to see what exactly it is :) This is very happy news and I am no longer freaking out :) It's fabulous!

Friday, July 19, 2013


       There was so much to say that I am going to split it into two different parts! :)

I went on the Pioneer Trek. Never again will that happen. Ever. It was terrible and I hated it. The only thing I liked about it was my family. My family were so different from me but we got along so well :) I hate hiking so that made the whole walking thing terrible. We walked thirty miles in four days... seeing the buses to go home was probably the happiest thing in my life. Never again will I go to Pioneer Trek.

I went to San Francisco! But first I went to lake Tahoe, California where we stayed in a resort, used paddle boats on the lake and jet skis! It was so much fun and I kind of wish we could have stayed at Lake Tahoe longer. But San Francisco was fun too! We camped in Oakland, California which is rated one of the most dangerous cities in America! I was always scared when we were in the actual city... anyways... while in San Francisco we went to China Town, Lombard street, Pier 39, and a really good Chinese restaurant! It was way fun :) But the traffic sucked. It took us forever to find a parking spot!

I just got back from Bryce Canyon today actually :) It was awesome because I got to see all of my family! (All twenty seven grandchildren were in one spot) I love spending time with my family :) We ate lots of food, looked at the canyon, got a tour and even had a treasure hunt :) It was awesome and family time is awesome!
I hate hikes though so that was a downside... luckily I only had to do one.
I found a lump in my genital area so we went to the doctors, they sent us to the hospital to get a ultrasound, they told us that it's not a cyst and its not a mass. They are sure it's a lymph node but there are about two reasons why a lymph node would be swollen... it has an infection or it's cancer. I am not saying that my swollen lymph node is cancer but it is cancerous. On Monday I am going to a surgeon so see if I need a CT scan or a biopsy... very scary but at least I will know what it is! Wish me luck :)


        I haven't written in so long so I dedicated this blog post to all the things I have done while not posting. It's been about seven months... let me explain!
The number one reason would be that my laptop stopped working and I recently got a new charger and all of the virus' removed so it is working just fine! All I need is a new battery!

 During my seven months away I ran my first 5K race! It was awesome :) my time was about thirty six minutes to complete the whole race. After the race there was a huge give away. Your name would be chosen out of the hundreds of people there and you would win something... a TV, bikes, gift cards, etc. And I was lucky enough for them to call my name! I won a wagon. I named it Betsy. Betsy Macwagon. Pretty much the coolest prize anyone could win. IT WAS AWESOME!

 I started exercising because I wasn't very happy with the way I looked. While I was exercising I lost ten pounds and totally felt different about myself. It's an awesome feeling! Even when I wasn't losing weight I still felt really good about myself and I have learned to love exercising! Even though I haven't exercised in like... a month because of all of the vacations I have been on lately. I need to start exercising again! It's an awesome feeling :)

 MY COUSINS FROM HAWAII CAME AND VISITED ME!! When my cousin, Alexa, Voxed me and told me she was coming to Utah in the summer I had a heart attack inc lass and I am pretty sure my teacher will never look at me the same. I have two cousins that live in Hawaii, I am pretty sure that I have posted about them before. A writing post about Alexa and a Dancing post about Katraessa.
Well Katraessa is sixteen and Alexa is seventeen and they are my favorite people <3 When they came we went to the mall, to Seven Peaks (a water park) and had about three sleepovers... we even went and got Katraessa's lip pierced and Alexa's nose pierced! I love my cousins and I can't wait to see them again <3

My cousin Nicole got married to an Irish man! We set up my Aunts backyard and it looked gorgeous! We only worked on it for two days but my Aunt Shannon and her kids spent much more time on it. It turned out awesome :) It was beautiful! Happiness and joy :) I didn't stay the whole time but the time that I was there was awesome! :)
The food was amazing. I wish I could eat like that every day :) Shannon did an awesome job!!!

I haven't written anything in these whole seven months and I finally decided that I needed to start writing again. Especially because people who have read my first book (The Children of Eliza: Unearthed) Are expecting the sequel and I haven't worked on it in months! I got these books as inspiration and it has actually worked! I mean like... look.. I am back to writing on my blog! That's the first step right? I mean like today I even pulled up the books that I left off on... that is also a first step :) I recommend these books by the way!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blog Hop :)

I was tagged in this lovely blog hop! I was tagged by Lexie! Ok! Here we go :)

1. What is your favorite food
    I don't really have a favorite food. Really, I will eat pretty much anything.

2. What place would you most like to travel to? 
   Hawaii! Because my cousins live there <3

3. What is your favorite hobby?
   Writing and reading :)

4. If you could have dinner with your favorite celebrity, who would it be? 
    Ummm I would have to say either Channing Tatum or Zac Efron... or maybe Selena Gomez :P

5. Do you have any guilty pleasures?
    Not really haha.

6. You're doing a flashmob tomorrow. What song would you choose to dance to? 
    Either King For a Day by Pierce The Veil or Thrift Shop by Macklemore c;

7. If you had a time machine, which place would you visit first?
    I would want to see my children!! :)

8. What is your favorite animal?
    Rats or cats. I used to have rats and I loved them! They are just like dogs :)

9. What is your favorite store to shop at?
     Rue 21!

10. Are you a Morning Bird or Night owl?
    I don't like getting up early but sometimes I can stay up pretty late. I like my sleep.

11. Favorite fantasy creature? 
     Don't have one :P 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Things That Scare Me!

      I am deeply sorry that I have't posted in a long time... the wi fi and my house has not been working for the last week and I haven't been able to use my laptop. I thought the world was going to end until I remembered my mom has a office with a computer and that iPods and iPads and laptops weren't the only things available in this house. So I decided to write this post for you before I leave! I am going to some concert... ? My mom wants me to go o.e Well have a good night, friends!!

So this may not be the longest list in the world, but it sure will be an interesting one I hope!!
Things that scare me:

1. Loosing limbs- Without my limbs I feel like I would just be hopeless even though you see all the time people that have over come loosing a limb. They are running like normal people if they lost a leg or using a fake arm like normal people even though they lost an arm. But then there is always that guy that was born with out legs AND arms and has lived his whole life like that. But it is one of my biggest fears.

2. Dying- I am not scared of this for what most people would be: "Not knowing what is after death." So I am not really scared of dying... it's more just like... dying at a young age. I want to be able to get married and have children and have a career and all that fun stuff before I die.

3. Loosing Someone Close to Me: So this is something that I am terrified of. I don't know what I would do if I lost my sister or a parent. I think about it sometimes and wonder what I would do if that were to happen. My conclusion is that I would probably cry for the rest of my life. Just sit in bed and cry. I really don't think I would be able to get up and face the day ever again.
4. Scary Movie... BUT REAL LIFE!- Everyone has had to see at least one scary movie. And I have to say now. I would not survive. If I was in a situation that I was being hunted down by a murderer or being haunted or stuck in a house with a serial killer I would probably just much rather kill myself then feel all those other feelings that comes with watching a scary movie... but they would be ten times worse and I wouldn't be able to handle that! 

5. Dangerous Animals- When I say dangerous animals I am talking about sharks and tigers and and spiders (all spiders are dangerous to me.) And also bugs that do a lot of crawling and are slimy and gross are also considered dangerous animals. Sharks scare me so much. If I saw a shark I would bawl.

6. Losing My Writing Skills- If lost my writing skills I wouldn't know what to do with myself. Or my life. Or anything. I wouldn't know what to do. I would become a hobo in Neverland.

I am sure that I have more fears but at the moment I can't think about them. They must be to scary to even think of.

Monday, January 28, 2013

You Are Special c:

For anyone that has not read this book I feel very sorry for you. This book has such a strong message involved that every time I read it it makes me want to just sit there and cry. For those of you who have not read this book, let me explain it to you.
This book is about a town were Wemmicks lived, they were wooden people created by a man named Eli who lived on top of the hill. The Wemmicks spent their days sticking gold stars or gray dots on each other. If you were beautiful or had a talent you would receive a gold star. But if you had no talents and wasn't all that great looking you would receive a gray dot. One Wemmick especially received gray dots. His name was Punchinello, all he got was gray dots and he was tired of it. One day he met a girl named Lucia who had no dots or stars at all, she explained that it was because she met with Eli to talk everyday and she had learned not to care about what the other Wemmicks thought because she knew Eli loved her. So Punchinello went and visited Eli and Eli said that it didn't matter what the others thought about him. He said, "All that matters is what I think. And I think you are pretty special." Then Punchinello asked, "Me, special? Why? I can't walk fast I can't jump. My paint is peeling. Why do I matter to you?" And that is when Eli replied with the best answer anyone could possibly give, "Because you're mine. That's why you matter to me."
This book has so much meaning in it and you can relate it to the love of God. He made us and that's why we are special. We are special to him because we are his. Eventually in the story Punchinello stopped caring what the other Wemmicks thought of him and from then on the dots didn't stick and neither did the stars and Punchinello was just happy to be himself.
The Wemmicks are a good example of what society is like today. Although it is not a physical thing we do we are always sticking stars and dots on people. They shouldn't be judged on what they can and can't do, that isn't fair because everyone is unique and special in their own way. And people need to be told everyday that they are special. If I could, I would tell everyone in this world every single day that they are special.
I keep this book by my bed because I like to read it whenever I can. Also when I see the title it reminds me that I am special and that God/Eli does love me c; And I am special because I am his.

And you are special too! Have a great day :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Scary Movie Logic.

       So you would think that if you were always deathly afraid of being alone or in the dark after watching scary movies that you would stop watching them due to lack of sleep. Most normal people would. But noooo I never learn my lesson when it comes to scary movies. I watch them thinking I will be just fine then for the next two weeks I can't be in the dark, or by myself or in the shower with out music as a distraction... and I can't close my eyes when I am alone. That makes it easier for me to get killed.
I have seen my fair share of scary movies...(Really scary movies, dumb scary movies...etc.) Some of the movies I have seen are: The Grudge 1, 2 & 3; The Collector, Halloween (Which still scare me even if they are old); Paranormal Activity, Don't Look Up (Stupidest movie ever); The Hills Have Eyes; House of Wax; The Crazies; The Lovely Bones (Which wasn't that bad); Chain Letter; Legion... and on the list goes on. I just can't keep myself from watching them. I pee myself every night with any sound I hear. I can't move and I have to be tucked into my blankets at all times.
The reason I post about this today is because I am going to see Mama at five on this very day. I watched the trailer and I was like, "Hmm. Maybe I shouldn't." Then I was like, "Ha! I am totz going to watch that today." And I am having a war between the side of me that hates scary movies and the side of me that loves scary movies. But no matter what I decide I am going to see it anyways. I have a picture to cuddle with.
    Yesterday my friend Jasmen asked me if I wanted to see Mama today with her, Kortnee, Josh, and Kenna. I said okay and was excited then Kenna said she can't go because she is going to Salt Lake City. DDD: So I have decided to bring a picture of her and tape it to the seat. The picture is perfect because her face looks confused and scared.
<---- Le picture. It is so perfect. I should bring a pillow too and tape the face on the pillow and hug it when I get scared. But anyways. Since Kenna can't be there with me I have her lovely picture to get all cuddley with!
Everything is just working out perfectly.
But yeah. So wish me luck tonight as I embark on this journey of seeing a scary movie. I doubt I will be able to sleep tonight. :)

Have a good day!!!!