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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Creativeness is a gift!!

So many people are always asking me how I get my story idea, saying that they could never come up with something like that. Well dear, I was born creative ;D
Ever since I was little I was always thinking up worlds and I have had my share of imaginary friends. I was a crazy creative child but it wasn't until second or third grade that I started using my creativeness to write stories. Since I am thinking about it now I must tell you some stories about my creativeness as a child :D

Since third to maybe... fifth grade my sister and I were always making up invisible kids. Dolls were overrated! We couldn't take those to church or swimming or on vacations... why not just have an imaginary child we could take with us? So we did. We were always thinking up these invisible kids and coming up with names and cutting pictures out of magazines to define what they looked like. The best part was being able to un-mom ourselves when ever we wanted.

Pink Flyers. We were the amazing Pink Flyers. While camping one year in Yellowstone my sister, cousins and I made up the Pink Flyers. We were hot, crime fighting spies with awesome high-tec gear. We would send ourselves on missions and be faced with life or death situations C: We were cool.

I had to always be busy doing something. I made a lot of cardboard dolls in my childhood. Coloring books were ok but I liked to be doing something more.

Ideas are always running through my head. When ever i see something I think of how I could add it into a book. When I meet someone new I think about how much they remind me of a character or about how much I want to turn them into a character. Being creative is such a gift to me. Creativeness helps my writing and with out writing I don't know who I would be.


  1. I love the idea of making up kids! When I was little, I felt I must be weird for not having an imaginary friend, so I made one up and he lasted about a week. Guess that just wasn't my forte ;)
    Creativity really is a gift. TFS!

    1. Hahaha that's awesome, of course I had the inspiration of the show Fosters Home for Imaginary friends and I loved to draw pictures and make up their personalities and I would adopt them out to my siblings c: It was great!