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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Who am I? Personality Bible

Just thought I would tell you a little bit more about myself so you can get a better idea of who I am c:

Name: Jessalyn Jean Adamson

Birthdate: 08/29/96

Hospital: Hospital in Orem o.e

Parents: Melanie and Bryce Adamson :D

Siblings: Jaron, me, Jalyssa, Jeric.

Pets: I have had three cats, fifteen rats, two mice, and lots of gold fish!

Interests: Writing, reading, nail art, make up,

Places I have been:  Utah, California, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Idaho. I HOPE TO GO MANY MORE PLACES :DD

Ancestors: Ancestors came from Scotland. I also have some Indian in me. A man I am related to came to America and met Princess Sun Cloud from an Indian tribe and married her. So I am a Indian Princess in a tribe that no longer exists c;

Future Plans: I want to be a creative writing teacher. Not an English teacher but a creative writing teacher c:

Schools I have attended: Art City Elementary, Westside Elementary, Springville Junior High, Springville High School.

Fav Band:  I have many! Pierce The Veil, Thriving Ivory, Evenesence, Hollywood Undead, Simple Plan...etc.

Fav Song: King For a Day, She Is Love, Build God Then We'll Talk... etc.

Fav Foods: Pretzels, and popcorn have always been my favorite. But really, I will eat any kind of food.

Fav Color: Purple and lime green.

Fav Sports: Snowboarding and soccer

If I had a hundred dollars what would I do with it??
Go shopping :D #NormalTeenger xD

If I could go any where in the world where would that be??
I would go to Hawaii to visit my cousins <3 or I would go to the U.K. so I could see my friend, Chris. c: He is going to feed me bacon through a mail slot in his closet :D

If I was famous what would I like to be famous for??
I would love to be famous for acting! Or singing... but unfortunately I can't do either :(

If I was famous what would I BE famous for??
Probably for writing.

If my plan to be a creative writing teacher doesn't pan out what would I like to be?
I would love to be a Special Education teacher c: My mom has taught Special Education forever o.o My grandma did it and so does my aunt and uncle c:

So that is just a little bit about me and if you want to know more feel free to comment questions :D
Thought you might enjoy this C:

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