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Friday, January 11, 2013

Teen Author Boot Camp-- Why I am So Excited

    Why am I so excited for Teen Author Boot Camp? Probably because it is the best thing in this whole entire world!! Last year was my first time and I loved it so much I have to go back this year! I signed up last month out of being so excited! It's all the way in March but who cares?  
Now let me tell you about my experience from March 2012 C:
So I didn't even know TABC existed until a friend of my moms, Angie Lofthouse (Author of Defenders of The Covenant, Consecrated, Renegade, and Refuge) Told me I should check it out and that her son was going. so I checked out the website and thought it would be an awesome event to attend... but I was terrified of not knowing anybody. I was and still am super shy so I was very skeptical about going by myself. Eventually I decided to go, even though I was going by myself. I could handle this! So on March 10th I woke up at 7:30 and was at UVU by 8. Lots of authors were there signing books including Brandon Mull, Tyler Whitesides, J. Scott Savage, and many more. I was being a loner and sitting by myself. But I wasn't alone for long. A boy and a girl came and sat next to me and asked if I was there with anyone. I told them I wasn't. I soon found out their names were Maddie and Kaesi. They both came by themselves but when they saw each other they decided to hang out because they recognized each other from school. But anyways... I went through the whole day with them and had a great experience! Better then I thought I would have!
I went through lots of classes where I learned A LOT and took LOTS of notes. Brandon Mull was the Keynote speaker and it was really fun to hear from him- he's really funny! ALSO, they gave us free UVU bottles and we could get fountain drinks whenever we wanted with no cost. Also, the lunch was ok too, Maddie, Kaesi and I met twins during lunch and hung out with them for the rest of the day, unfortunately I don't remember their names >.<
I loved every single second and I learned so much, I am so excited to go back and learn more and make new friends this year. If you are between the ages of 13 and 19 I strongly suggest you sign up for TABC! For more information visit:

Oh and also if you sign up for TABC you can enter a first chapter contest and win prizes! :D Dooo it :D

(I will write a post-event blog post) :D

Me, Kaesi and Maddie c:
Meee c; don't look at it too long. You might go blind :D

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