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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Embarrassing Moment.

I need to spice this blog up a bit. Lets hear one of my embarrassing stories, I can't say this one is funny but it sure was embarrassing. (Takes place in summer of 2010)

Every year I go to Carpinteria, California with my family and all of my cousins and we just have a big party. Carp is where you can camp RIGHT next to the beach and swim whenever you want. The two best things in one... camping and the beach. Well anyways... my cousins, siblings, and I for some reason always hang out by the bathrooms... we really have no idea why. But we met this dude... his name was Cody and he was there with his friends... James and Bryan. At the time I was 14. Cody was 19, James was 16 and Bryan was 14. Surprisingly the one that I was attracted to and the one that was attracted to me was James. I thought I was so cool because he was 16 and I was only 14.
My whole family (including relatives) had played a HUGE game of soccer on the beach that day and apparently the boys had seen us playing. While we were by the bathrooms the boys asked if they could join in a game and we said we would be playing the next day. SO... The next day we all meet up on the beach and have a nice game of soccer. Quite spicy if I do say so myself. James and I are both soccer players. SPICAYYY. Anyways after a nice hot game of soccer we all decide to cool off in the OCEAN O: Before I go on I have to mention I was wearing a swim suit top that was almost strapless, it had straps going around the neck though. So we were swimming... I was out there with the three of them... then I went under a wave and when I came back up Cody, James and Bryan were all staring at me O_O I was like... what? Then I looked down and my swim suit top had fallen down and everything was exposed. I immediatly went under the water and swam away and pulled up my top on the way there. I was so embarrassed... luckily the boys acted like nothing happened. So yeah. That's one of my embarrassing moments. Not getting another one of those swim suits... nobody needs to see my goodies!


  1. I would have drowned myself LOL You're one collected lady if you were able to keep hanging out with them. TFS!

    1. It made it easier that they acted like nothing had happen hahd :)