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Monday, December 31, 2012

YouTubers I LOVE!


Jenna, Jenna, Jenna. Oh my how you make me laugh. I love Jenna Marbles because she will say what ever she wants to and she doesn't even care! She just lets it all out! She is so creative and  humorous and I love watching her videos. My favorites would have to be the "What girls do in the bathroom/ What boys do in the bathroom, What girls do while driving/ What boys do while driving." It just cracks me up! And if you haven't heard of her I promise you will love her. Just search JennaMarbles on YouTube! Do it! :D


Ohhhhh my gosh. Kingsley... what can I say about Kingsley. I can watch his videos alllll day long and not get bored. Especially is question/answer videos. He is just so funny! I want to meet him and accidentally get locked in a room together so he would have no other choice but to entertain us with his humor! The best thing about him is his humor and the second best is that he is gay! I love gay guys, they are just the best to be around, they're always so funny with the best personalities! Go watch Kingsley, like, right now. You will love him forever.


Ohhh you don't play video games? Well neither do I and I still love watching Pewdie because he is just so hilarious and his cute little voices and face just keep me entertained. Pewdie has so many catch phrases I still don't know which one to say! "Barrels!" "Bro fist!" I just can't choose. But really. Pewdiepie records himself playing games like Amnesia, Happy Wheels, and a ton more. He is funny, If you like video games AND humor then watch his videos. Seriously. 
Pewdiepie! "Bro fist!"


I have an addiction to painting my nails and CutePolish helps feed my addiction. The thing that bugs me the most about her is that she NEVER show her face in any of her videos. But she is way pro at doing nails and a lot of my ideas come from her. If you ever want to do your nails super cute look her up ;D
Hawt design!

This chick is freakkin skilled. Like it's crazy. She can take a piece of fabric and turn it into an article of clothing within minutes. I want her to come and make all of my clothes. If any of you ladies out there really really want to make some of your own clothes I would definitely suggest subscribing to her page. She is sooo skilled it's not even funny. My mouth has hung open while watching a few of her videos. This chick would kick butt in any kind of clothing competition. And another plus is that her tutorials are easy to understand and follow! 


Any YouTubers you suggest? C:

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