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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Things I Want To Do In Life

1. Write lots of novels and get many of them published!
2. Be an inspiration to aspiring authors and even people who don't write!
3. Travel the world.
4. Help someone become the person they want to be.
5. Donate to a charity.
6. Find true love and get married and have children!
7. Correct every grammatical & spelling error on Facebook.
Book I am working on
Signing my book
My book

 8. Eat lots of food with out having to worry about gaining weight.
9. Be a model for something at least once.
10. Publicly humiliate myself on purpose.
11. Participate in a dancing flash mob.
12. Spend a day with someone famous
13. Write a play

14. Be faced with a life or death situation and survive.
15. Be at "body Peace."
16. Well before all that publishing stuff I said up there I really want to find an agent! That is my current goal.
17. Draw something really awesome.
18. I really really really really want to be in the zombie apocalypse.
19. Go on an adventure, like a full on adventure where I have no idea where I am going or what I am doing.
20. Write a song.
21. Be homeless for a month... The hobo life ahhh :)
22. Write a really long, meaningful post on my blog.
23. I want to be a creative writing teacher... not a English teacher... just a creative writing teacher. c:
24. Kiss someone in the rain!
25. And finally, I want be able to look back on my life and say, "No regrets, man, no regrets."

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