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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

BoRn FrOm A BoOm BoX

This is my beautiful cousin Katraessa C: She and her sister, Alexa, used to live right next to me... then they moved to Oregon... then eventually Hawaii where it is impossible for me to see them! I miss them so much I want to write about my lovely cousins, but first I am going to write about Katraessa and her amazing skills.

Not only is Katraessa EXTREMELY beautiful but Katraessa is a dancer, not a dancer who has been trained all her life to make her extra good! But she is natural at it. Katraessa is born from a boom box. She has got some amazing skill!!

Traessa in her ballet class!

Unfortunately since Katraessa lives in
Hawaii and I live in Utah I have never seen her dance in person. Although I would love to see one of her performances! I do love watching the two videos she has up on YouTube though ;D Those were posted like, two years ago and she is still way pro!

A picture that was drawn of her by a friend C:

In her Facebook posts she is always talking about how much she loves dancing and how she loves all of her friends that dance with her and I am like "Wow, my cousin has found something that she loves and is good at and she will not be giving up on it any time soon." She inspires me! Although our talents are very different... she uses her body to tell a story and to express her feelings while I use a pencil or a pen, she still inspires me. She has found something she loves! I support her in anything she does c: (Even if she wants to become a stripper!)


Thanks for letting me post about my amazing cousin! You are beautiful and you inspire me with your dancing. I will not be surprised to see you on a Step Up movie in the future! You my dear, are going to be famous! I love you and I hope to see you soon (although that is not likely) But I miss your face :) I LOVE YOU GIRL!! Keep dancing and don't get up!  Don't listen to anything anyone says that is rude... unless it helps you dance better... because you are an amazing dancer and you are going to be like Abby Lee Miller and have your own show ;D Just don't be mean like her. I LOVE YOUUUUU!!!
Katraessa and some friends!

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