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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Write From Your Heart

 This, my friends, is my cousin Alexa c: She, like I, is a writer. Did I mention she is an AMAZING writer? Shes waayyy better then me, I don't deserve to be published! She does!!! I wish I could trade with her. Her writing lets out her emotions... its... so... amazing!! If I had an agent or a publisher right now I would recommend looking at her work! So talented!
Read her work here:

Alexa has so much potential! She is going to be a world famous author I just know it! She is going to be the next J.K Rowling!


Come live with me, please? Remember that summer you came and visited and stayed for like 2 weeks... those were the best two weeks ever!! Every time we see each other it's like a big party! I miss you and Traessa and your siblings and my aunt and uncle! Move back please please please then we can write books together and become famous! And babe, don't stop writing. You really are amazing at it. Like way super talented. Not many people have that natural born talent. I LOVE YOU!!! <333

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