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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My sister and I

This is my sister and I... she is on the left I am on the right. My sister and I are 14 months apart. She turned 15 in November and I turned 16 in August. She is my best friend. We are never separated .. except that she is in 9th grade at the junior high and I am a junior at the high school. She will be with me when I am a senior!
Jalyssa and I have shared a room since we were little kids... I always complained about having my own room but last year I moved into my little brothers room with him for two weeks and I greatly missed my sister. Things were not the same! We have so many great memories together I would not be able to write all of them down. But I will share a few. When I was in Junior High a new girl moved in next door. My sister and I became good friends with her, I was bored one day when I wrote a letter on my moms computer and signed it "From Hogwarts" I addressed the letter to me and printed one for my sister and put it in my mailbox. Later on in the day our friend came over and we went to get the mail... my sister and I start freaking out and acting excited. She asked us what was wrong and we told her if we told her she could never tell anyone. Then we told her we are witches and we finally got our letters to Hogwarts. She was a big Harry Potter fan and was so excited. She asked us if she was a witch and we said she wouldn't know until she got a letter in the mail... well that night I typed her a letter and put it in her mail box. She found it the next morning. Well we went on for a couple more weeks pretending we were going to Hogwarts then we finally told her the truth... she was pretty bummed. We are dream ruiners.
We also used to have soccer games after mom went to bed. Those were the best. Our room isn't exactly the size of a soccer field but we made it work. We would play soccer then when we heard our mom coming we would jump back into bed and act like we didn't do anything, we were master minds.
I love having her as my sister, our fights only last about an hour or maybe even minutes. Then we say something funny and just laugh. My sister and I together are absoluteness crazy... we are unstoppable! I love you Jalyssa xD

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