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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Some times I just hate watching romance movies, they make me feel sad and forever alone. Does anyone else feel this way? Like seriously!
No guys talk to me at school unless its forced... or unless I have known them for a long time. Am I just so ugly guys can't even bare talking to me? That must be it :D
But I am totally ok with being forever alone because then that means I can start my cat hoarding sooner then I had planned. I am going to get lots of kittens and raise them then let them have babies then let them have babies and so on. I am going to be on one of those hoarding shows. No just kidding, I will
actually take care of the cats I hoard.
Maybe I should add in some rats because I really
like rats too. You know,  rats are not as bad as you think. I had rats and mice for many years of my life. At one point I had 15 rats living in my room! My rat Sophie got preggers and had 13 babies. Yup. I would really like to have the rats back because really, they are just like dogs. Sophie and her babies; Klaudiaa, Jasper and Maggie would come when their names were called. They also licked you. You make kissy noises and they would lick you... the kissy noises also summoned them. Yeah, I am going to be a rat hoarder too.
I like rats more then mice, the mice were just a little bit more mean. Minnie was always biting Jalyssa and Ava was always attacking Minnie! Plus they are smaller and just not as smart as the rats were.
The cats and the rats will get alone just fine. After all, my cat from two... three years ago, Jezebel, would sit in a bird cage on my bed and watch the rats run around. She would much rather be in a cage then see the rats in one. Jeze got ran over by a car two Christmases ago :( Poor baby girl will forever be in my heart! She was also the first cat in my hoarding collection. She still is the first! Her collar hangs on our Christmas tree every year.
So yup, that's my life plan. Then my cousin, Nicole, is going to hoard goldfish and our animals will be our children. Fantastic idea huh? Yup :) Have a good day.

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  1. Don't worry Jessalyn, I get about the same amount of attention from most guys. Either they're just really close guy friends and I don't have any feelings towards them, or if I do like them, they're completely out of my league so I don't even bother. Yes to cat hoarding! :D