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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The World is Gone.

The crying in the night,
The purple bruise on the flesh,
The silent sound of skin breaking.
Judgment on the top of every tongue.
Wanting, wishing, envy, jealousy.
What has this world come to?
One breath stops,
One is born.
Seven billion wails,
All crying to our God,
Begging for help.
Begging for mercy.
The world is falling apart.
Women used.
Children abused.
What should we make of this world?
Hide in the dark,
remain untouched
From the slime of the world.
Smiling humans,
Telling you how to look.
Skin and bone.
Clear and fresh.
Healthy and strong.
Fake and stiff.
Walking dolls.
One image.
The world is being destroyed.
Personalities gone,
Individualism vanished.
False smiles. 
False friends.
Truth in this world is blurring.
Cut into next deep cut,
Scar traced to scar. 
People smirking,
Laughing in your face.
Blood falling,
Freezing on your fingers in the mid of the night.
Secrets kept,
Whispers swept,
Rumors passed.
Things reversed.
The battle against the world is hiding.
Fear is tears,
Faith is scathed,
Happiness is fake,
So many wrongs.
JUDGED into eternity.
Needing something more,
Dwelling in the past,
Looking to the future.
Just cry.
The world is gone.

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