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Friday, July 19, 2013


       There was so much to say that I am going to split it into two different parts! :)

I went on the Pioneer Trek. Never again will that happen. Ever. It was terrible and I hated it. The only thing I liked about it was my family. My family were so different from me but we got along so well :) I hate hiking so that made the whole walking thing terrible. We walked thirty miles in four days... seeing the buses to go home was probably the happiest thing in my life. Never again will I go to Pioneer Trek.

I went to San Francisco! But first I went to lake Tahoe, California where we stayed in a resort, used paddle boats on the lake and jet skis! It was so much fun and I kind of wish we could have stayed at Lake Tahoe longer. But San Francisco was fun too! We camped in Oakland, California which is rated one of the most dangerous cities in America! I was always scared when we were in the actual city... anyways... while in San Francisco we went to China Town, Lombard street, Pier 39, and a really good Chinese restaurant! It was way fun :) But the traffic sucked. It took us forever to find a parking spot!

I just got back from Bryce Canyon today actually :) It was awesome because I got to see all of my family! (All twenty seven grandchildren were in one spot) I love spending time with my family :) We ate lots of food, looked at the canyon, got a tour and even had a treasure hunt :) It was awesome and family time is awesome!
I hate hikes though so that was a downside... luckily I only had to do one.
I found a lump in my genital area so we went to the doctors, they sent us to the hospital to get a ultrasound, they told us that it's not a cyst and its not a mass. They are sure it's a lymph node but there are about two reasons why a lymph node would be swollen... it has an infection or it's cancer. I am not saying that my swollen lymph node is cancer but it is cancerous. On Monday I am going to a surgeon so see if I need a CT scan or a biopsy... very scary but at least I will know what it is! Wish me luck :)

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