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Friday, July 19, 2013


        I haven't written in so long so I dedicated this blog post to all the things I have done while not posting. It's been about seven months... let me explain!
The number one reason would be that my laptop stopped working and I recently got a new charger and all of the virus' removed so it is working just fine! All I need is a new battery!

 During my seven months away I ran my first 5K race! It was awesome :) my time was about thirty six minutes to complete the whole race. After the race there was a huge give away. Your name would be chosen out of the hundreds of people there and you would win something... a TV, bikes, gift cards, etc. And I was lucky enough for them to call my name! I won a wagon. I named it Betsy. Betsy Macwagon. Pretty much the coolest prize anyone could win. IT WAS AWESOME!

 I started exercising because I wasn't very happy with the way I looked. While I was exercising I lost ten pounds and totally felt different about myself. It's an awesome feeling! Even when I wasn't losing weight I still felt really good about myself and I have learned to love exercising! Even though I haven't exercised in like... a month because of all of the vacations I have been on lately. I need to start exercising again! It's an awesome feeling :)

 MY COUSINS FROM HAWAII CAME AND VISITED ME!! When my cousin, Alexa, Voxed me and told me she was coming to Utah in the summer I had a heart attack inc lass and I am pretty sure my teacher will never look at me the same. I have two cousins that live in Hawaii, I am pretty sure that I have posted about them before. A writing post about Alexa and a Dancing post about Katraessa.
Well Katraessa is sixteen and Alexa is seventeen and they are my favorite people <3 When they came we went to the mall, to Seven Peaks (a water park) and had about three sleepovers... we even went and got Katraessa's lip pierced and Alexa's nose pierced! I love my cousins and I can't wait to see them again <3

My cousin Nicole got married to an Irish man! We set up my Aunts backyard and it looked gorgeous! We only worked on it for two days but my Aunt Shannon and her kids spent much more time on it. It turned out awesome :) It was beautiful! Happiness and joy :) I didn't stay the whole time but the time that I was there was awesome! :)
The food was amazing. I wish I could eat like that every day :) Shannon did an awesome job!!!

I haven't written anything in these whole seven months and I finally decided that I needed to start writing again. Especially because people who have read my first book (The Children of Eliza: Unearthed) Are expecting the sequel and I haven't worked on it in months! I got these books as inspiration and it has actually worked! I mean like... look.. I am back to writing on my blog! That's the first step right? I mean like today I even pulled up the books that I left off on... that is also a first step :) I recommend these books by the way!

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